Plus Festival

Entertainment 2015

Here is a look at the 2015 entertainment for the PLUS Polish Festival in Tappan, NY. This year Festival brought back The Unforgettable 80's Decade With World-Class 80's Celebrities And 80's Themed Entertainment.


        Modern Talking Reloaded


The amazing success of Modern Talking Reloaded is the result of their incredible musical and scenic talent, professionalism and involvement inserted in each projection. Andre Brand and Michael Beurich are a wonderful replacement for Modern Talking fans. They are not only surprisingly similar to the original members of the Modern Talking group, but also they perform a show at the highest level. It is the only duo that has the full legal right to use the original name of the legendary group. Their repertoire included the biggest hits of the original team.


 Maxx Vega 


Maxx Vega is the official, number one Michael Jackson Impersonator, not only in the New Jersey & New York City area, but on the entire East Coast! Having the same height, stature, and energy as The King Of Pop himself, Maxx Vega bears such a close resemblance to Michael Jackson, that Maxx was cast to play the part of Michael Jackson in the TV ONE documentary “Celebrity Crime Files” (Michael Jackson story).


Viva Cabaret


Viva Cabaret is a one-man theatrical impersonation performance featuring greatest divas, past and present. It combines dancing, theatre, comedy, circus, drag, high-energy music with the incredible passion and emotion of its principal performer - Yury. The show is a tribute to world famous celebrities. Along with its combination of various genres, each of these celebrity impersonations is professionally directed and choreographed, with custom made designer costumes. Thrilling and hilarious, Viva Cabaret starring Yury delights and inspires.


Maggie D. Group


The band has shared stages with many famous rock bands from Poland. Maggie D. makes their own music in the style of rock-pop with additions of polish breeze and they share that with their audiences on many stages throughout USA. All band members are great musicians and professionals who live through their music. The leader of the band Magda Doroszko writes her own lyrics and always gives 110% once up on the stage.


Adam Chrola


Adam Chrola is professionally associated with the music since early 90’s. He is the founder and leader of the group called AdamBand. His discography consists of a dozen original compositions and countless well-known popular songs from the last thirty years. Adam is gifted with an extraordinary scale voice and vocal capabilities.


polish flag SWP logo

Informujemy, że nasza organizacja otrzymała dotację ze środków Kancelarii Prezesa Rady Ministrów w ramach konkursu Polonia i Polacy za Granicą 2022. Nazwa zadania publicznego: „Wsparcie wydarzeń polonijnych w USA, Kanadzie, Australii” Kwota dotacji: 35 000,00 PLN. Całkowita wartość zadania publicznego: 64 490,00 PLN Zadanie publiczne „Wsparcie wydarzeń polonijnych w USA, Kanadzie, Australii”, polega na wsparciu organizacji w wynajmie sal, nagłośnienia, świateł, wynagrodzenia artystów, konferansjerów, promocji planowanych wydarzeń, bankietów.