Plus Festival

Entertainment 2016


Here is a look at the entertainment at the 2016 PLUS Polish Festival:


Dziani is one of the most famous people in the Gypsy show business, known as The Prince of the Gypsy Music. Brought up in a deeply traditional Roma culture, he began his musical career very early, next to his father, Don Vasyl, the famous Gypsy bard. Dziani’s grandfather, who migrated from Berlin to Poland, came from a royal German Roma and belonged to a Gypsy aristocracy. His grandmother was a Polish Roma, from the Brzezinski royal family. In addition to these aristocratic ties, the whole family belongs to the dynasty of Baro Szero, the Judge Superior to the Polish Roma, known as “The King of the Gypsies.”

The Prince of the Gypsy Music, Dziani, is famous for his part in the International Festival of the Roma Music and Culture that takes place annually in Ciechocinek and is organized by the King of the Gypsy Song, Don Vasyl himself. Dziani is also seen on TV shows and the musical scene across the country. 


DANCING DREAM, the Tribute to ABBA

ABBA - the greatest pop supergroup from Sweden, electrifies audiences of all ages with the best ABBA hits "Mamma Mia", "Dancing Queen" "Take a Chance" "Fernando" and many more. Founded by two Polish singers Halina Ulatowski and Agnes Jawien in 2009, featured on the Stephen Colbert Show and in large venues across North America, this New York City based ABBA Tribute Band transports audiences back to the happy, groovy 70's.

Don't miss this opportunity to slip on your platforms and sing along to your favorite ABBA songs performed by DANCING DREAM.


Dym Band

This is rock /dance band (in the style of The Police) playing well known covers of popular American and Polish hits of the '80s, '90s and '00s as well as their own originals. Originally formed in 1993.

Dym Band consists of Pawel Dym (electric guitarist/lead vocalist), Adam Truszkowski (keyboards, electric guitarist, vocalist), Krys Bucko (bassist), Zbigniew Dera (acoustic guitar, drummer, vocalist), Eddie Piotrowski (drummer) and John Breen (drummer).


Atlantica Band

Atlantica Band is a premier party band from New Jersey. Since the debut of the band in 2013, they’ve covered a lot of ground performing at festivals, clubs, and private events tailoring their set-lists to make sure that there is something for everyone in the crowd.

All band members are great musicians and professionals who lived with and through music for whole their lives.

Atlantica Band plays all favorite Polish dance hits from every decade.


Wianek Polish Folk Dance Company

Poland, a tiny country in comparison with the United States, is five times older as a nation and cherishes its musical heritage, enriched and sustained over the past thousand years.

Wianek Polish Folk Dance Company, based in Middle Village NY, is dedicated and talented group of young people performing the traditional Folk Dances of Poland. Their mission is to preserve rich Polish heritage and traditions and promote Polish culture through presentation of authentic Polish dances and songs, as well as through participation in Polish cultural events and activities.

Their repertoire will include melodies, songs, and dances from all regions of Poland: North and South, East and West as well as Polish national dances.

This is the music that your babcia and dziadzia loved so much! These melodies are a must for anyone who claims Polish ancestry.



polish flag SWP logo

Informujemy, że nasza organizacja otrzymała dotację ze środków Kancelarii Prezesa Rady Ministrów w ramach konkursu Polonia i Polacy za Granicą 2022. Nazwa zadania publicznego: „Wsparcie wydarzeń polonijnych w USA, Kanadzie, Australii” Kwota dotacji: 35 000,00 PLN. Całkowita wartość zadania publicznego: 64 490,00 PLN Zadanie publiczne „Wsparcie wydarzeń polonijnych w USA, Kanadzie, Australii”, polega na wsparciu organizacji w wynajmie sal, nagłośnienia, świateł, wynagrodzenia artystów, konferansjerów, promocji planowanych wydarzeń, bankietów.