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Entertainment 2017


 Here is a look at the entertainment at the 2017 PLUS Polish Festival:


On Sunday evening we invite you to the concert of Milano Next: Małgorzata, Piotr and their son Krzysztof - all Kopańscy. Piotr Kopański is an author of many well-known compositions and one of the members of the no longer existing, original lineup of Polish band MILANO. The most famous of his copyright songs are: "O Tobie Kochana",  "Brązowe oczy", "Jesteś moją naj" and "To wakacje".

After the breakup of Milano in 2001, Kopańscy immigrated to the States and soon Peter and his wife Margaret set up their own band in New York. They perform and entertain the public at all sorts of events, playing their own hits from MILANO's repertoire, and other hits from around the world. Certainly, the audience will all be delighted with the great hits of the golden age of Disco - Polo, which were sung through all of Poland!


Adam Band's history began in 1999. The founder and vocalist of the group is Adam Chrola, who has for many years been professionally associated with the music scene. In the second half of 2009, Adam's dream album containing the greatest hits of Krzysztof Krawczyk was released. Titled „„Adam Chrola, Amore Mio, Złote przeboje Krzysztofa Krawczyka”.

Adam Chroli's concert will be divided into three parts: old hits, Krzysztof Krawczyk's songs and hits from the last album "Dwie Dlonie", (Two Hands). His latest hit is enjoying great popularity on the web. Adam Chrola is an author of over a dozen of his own compositions, and has made countless hits in popular music for the last thirty years.


The Podhalanie operates at the Podhalan Association in NJ near nr. 6 im. Kazimierz Przerwy-Tetmajera for 8 years. There are currently two teams. One is a children's group of children between the ages of 5 and 17, the other is an adult group. The instructors of the team podhale children are Anna and Joseph Watycha Stopka. The chair of culture is Sabina Gres.

Musicians who will be playing during the PLUS Festival are: guests - Brothers Adam and Kazimierz Karpiel, and regulars - Sebastian Stopka, and Antoni Kapolka. Recently, the band has performed at the PSFCU Division in Wallington, the High School Immaculate Heart Academy in Washington Township, NJ, during picnics and wafers organized by the Podhalan Association in NJ.

Last year, the group participated in a meeting with President Andrzej Duda at American Czestochowa. The main aim of the activity of the Podhale region is to create a highlander family and to support institutions and people in difficult living conditions, to continue the traditions of the Podhale region, to cultivate culture, to educate, to love the dialect, literature and art of Podhale, its music, singing and dancing.


The Wianek Group was formed in November 2006, after two years it was named the Wianek of Polish Folk Dance Company Inc. and was registered as a Non-for-profit organization with status of 501c3. Wianek Group consists of 30 artists - children and youth from 5 to 20 years old. They arrive from various neighborhoods Middle Village, Ridgewood, Maspeth, Woodside, Astoria. The group has represented their repertoire at many Polonia events and more.

The main accomplishments of the group are appearances in New York City Hall, Ellis Island, the Consulate of New York, Pulaski Pulaski Ballroom, American Czestochowa, NYPD Pulaski Association, Polish Evening at Eisenhower Park, and many other places. In the repertoire of the group „Wianek” Polish Folk Dance Company Inc. we can admire polonaise, krakowiak, lublin poles, polka, trojak and set of Silesian dances.

Currently the group is working on a Kosynier krakowiak, kujawiak and mazurek. Along with the dances, "Wianek" presents a rich repertoire of folk songs, national songs, carols and modern songs. In 2016 the group celebrated its 10th anniversary.


Antidotum is a Polish entertainment - rock band, playing on different kinds of events streching from charity to wedding. The band has a rich repertoire. They play everything from pop through rock, soft rock, dance, blues.

The huge share of Antidotum's repertoire are Polish hits from the last thirty years. The most beautiful element of the band is without doubt Kari.

Kari-Karina - music woman - vocalist and DJ, who is known to Polonia on the East Coast not only for her beautiful voice but also a dazzling beauty.


The "ZOR" Band is a regional folk band cultivating folk songs and dances from the Spisz region. It was created on the initiative of the organization "Frydman's Community in America" in February 2016. Frydman's community in America is an organization dedicated to the charitable work of Freddman's society and the folk traditions of the Highlanders, as Frydman is in the Highland region of Spišská Dunajec near the Slovakian border.

The band was created precisely to support and preservation of folk traditions and the continuation of what comes from our roots.


Festivals music’s „Hardcore” sound has been „Dym's” part for many years. The band consists of Paweł Dym - electric guitar, keyboards, vocals; Krzysztof Bucko - bass guitar; Adam Truszkowski - keyboards, electric guitar, vocals; Zbigniew Dera - acoustic guitar, percussion instruments, vocals; Adam Kabuła - drums.

This explosive mix of talent on stage is a guarantee of a successful event. DYM has been playing since 1993. The repertoire of the band is dominated by rock music - popular Polish and American rock hits, as well as the original performance of the members of the band.


The "Wawel" Song and Dance Ensemble under the auspices of the Polish Club Association was formed by the initiative of the director and choreographer of Mrs. Krystyna Sanakiewicz. Mrs Krystyna is a long-time dancer of ZPiT "Lasowiacy" from Stalowa Wola. Perhaps for many of you this information will be of great importance, maybe in the past in Poland you saw performances of young Krysia from Stalowa Wola or danced with her in a single group. Mrs. Krystyna has been imparting her knowledge of dance for 30 years.

The group consisting of 21 children who have danced arrangements in Silesia, Wielkopolska, Wieliczolskie and Cracow with the exceptional arrangement and bravado performance of „Krakowiak”. It was that performance that won the prize at the children's festival "Krakowiaczek" in Krakow in 2008. The team is eager to participate in Polonia events and reviews, proudly presenting not only their skills, but also promoting Polish culture.

Wawel adds color to its annual harvest during their festival performances in Chicago organized by the Association of Polish Clubs, Taste of Polonia. It also takes part in the Parade of May 3, where it proudly represents its Polish spirit.


The B@d Boy$ Music Group was founded in late 2015 and has enjoyed great success from the very beginning. The Group consists of DJ Daro and DJ Kris. The boys have a rich musical repertoire of Polish and foreign songs. Currently they play in Polish festivals, weddings, christenings, communions and many other dance parties. Every party they attend is unique, very successful and long lasting in the memories.

The group also performs charitably. They help organize events for children who are sick and in great need. They cooperate with various Polish organizations and music groups.


A professional pianist, organist, vocalist and a DJ, Tomasz Halat a friend of the PLUS newsweek and the Festival for many years, will entertain you on Saturday and Sunday. His repertoire covers classical music, jazz, as well as entertainment music. DJ Halat is very interesting and will definitely satisfy the taste of many music lovers.


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