Plus Festival

Family fun for everyone

Family fun for everyone

Rides, games, food and entertainment are just part of the fun. With over 10 rides and a variety of midway games you’ll not be bored at the PLUS Polish Festival.

Calling all families! Are you ready to experience FUN? If so then PLUS Polish Festival is exactly what you're looking for!
You can enjoy amusements for the young and young at heart. There will be wide variety of mechanical rides, games for toddlers, face painting, and different types of inflatables that all children love.

This year's event will bring musical chairs, climbing wall, cars carousel, tornado, fun slide, and many more. You wont be able to resist another ride ever again!

On top of all carnival rides we will also have many kiddy and family rides. PLUS Polish Festival in Tappan is family safe and friendly and great for all ages.
There's nothing like a carnival at Polish Festival to evoke the fondest of memories for kids of all ages
Come check us out!




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