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Let's celebrate Children's Day in royal style!

Let's celebrate Children's Day in royal style!

There are some holiday days that are more important than others, the ones to which we count down the days to with impatience. And if several holidays accumulate at once, we wait even more impatiently.

The fifteenth edition of the PLUS Festival will take place on June 1st and 2nd, Saturday’s festival date being even more special due to falling on Children's Day. A happy child means a satisfied parent and vice versa, of course. By offering children priceless time along with great & developing fun, we become fulfilled parents and make the moments together even more meaningful.

Everyone who has had the chance to visit the German Masonic Park in Tappan knows that the PLUS Festival is a great family event. Those of you who have never had a chance to spend a festival weekend with us will soon be able to see that we make sure that absolutely everyone has a wonderful time during the festivities. The youngest guests are of special importance to us.

This year, with children in mind, we have planned wonderful attractions that will provide extraordinary fun with an unforgettable journey back in time.

Elegant princesses and brave knights! This year's PLUS Festival will be yours. So put on your lavish gowns, golden crowns, or shining armor and come to Tappan! Because incredible things will happen there! This year, there will be a Knight's Village with real knights and ladies-in-waiting!

Most of us know Edmund Leighton's painting "Knighting," and many men dreamed of having such a moment as a child while many girls undoubtedly put on their mothers' long dresses and took on the roles of beautiful princesses. On June 1st and 2nd, thanks to people devoted to passion and history, we can admire such scenes live and be a part of them!

Meeting with members of the Polish Living History, Inc. group has been a great lesson in living history. Association of Polish Living History Inc. is a group of Polish history enthusiasts who, thanks to a wonderful program and traditional costumes, have been faithfully reflecting the spirit of historical times for over twenty-five years. From the Slavs of the 10th century to the Vikings, the 17th-century nobility, and to the winged hussars. Polish Living History Inc. also includes the first American pioneers from the 19th century and a group representing the armed forces of World War II. All groups actively promote their passions and talents, traveling around the United States, visiting Polish schools, and taking part in Polish, local, and state events. They conduct "living history lessons" that are extremely popular. Polish Living History Inc. Groups are recognizable not only among the Polish community, but everywhere where tradition is important and cultivated. Polish Living History Inc. Group During its shows presents accessories, exhibits, military equipment, cannons, household items, militaria, musical instruments and costumes. But it's not just a dry, bland presentation. A great advantage of meeting history enthusiasts is the opportunity to interact and involve children in events. Children at the PLUS Festival will be able to, among other things, drink royal tea in the queen's tent and listen to her stories, sit on a real throne, try on a crown, and even take part in fencing and knightly martial arts training. Doesn't that sound appealing?

We are convinced that all children will be delighted with this extraordinary journey in time. In addition to fun, the important educational aspect of this event should be emphasized. It is a chance to learn knightly customs, which are the source of noble patterns, courage, devotion and fidelity.

We invite all children, ones who are fascinated by the time of knights, and those who would like to learn more about this wonderful chapter in history, to our Knight's Village.

A huge attraction for children and adults will be knightly fights demonstrated by knights from the International Medieval Combat Federation. At this point it should be mentioned that you will be admiring the masters. The American team won the gold medal in last year's international knight fighting championships in Spain. This year, the American team is going to a competition in Mexico. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for their next victory!

Now, at the PLUS Festival on Saturday, June 1st, you will have the opportunity to admire the skill of fighting, champions in action and experience great emotions associated with such an event.

To feel the atmosphere of the era even more intensely, we encourage children to dress up as princesses, ladies-in-waiting and knights! There will be prizes and surprises waiting for the most original costume on Saturday. On Sunday, we encourage adults to dress up in medieval costumes! Princesses, knights, pages, ladies-in-waiting and, of course, kings and queens will be judged by the jury. Prizes from the royal treasury will be waiting for all daredevils!

The Knight's Village at the PLUS Festival also includes a number of thematic competitions. You cannot miss any of them. If not as players, then as observers and fans. It is worth reminding ourselves that medieval competitions have always been successful and the people supported the competitors with great enthusiasm. Therefore, we are counting on your presence during numerous attractive competitions, including: team tug of war, a run with a fully medieval egg, an archery tournament and a 3-legged run. Additional attractions will be provided by plebeian games and activities, such as throwing a bag into a wicker basket, sack races or horseshoe throwing.

The multitude of attractions awaiting our youngest guests this year is a real treat not only for history lovers and fans of the knightly ethos. You cannot miss such an opportunity, so let's celebrate Children's Day and Family Day in the best possible place. The PLUS Festival invites all children and parents. Details of the event will be published in the festival program in the coming weeks.

Everyone is welcome!

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