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PLUS Polish Festival returns to Tappan!

PLUS Polish Festival returns to Tappan!

We’re thrilled to announce that PLUS Polish Festival will return to German Masonic Park in Tappan NY at full capacity August 28th and 29th, 2021.

Before we present our performers this year, numerous attractions, competitions and surprises, let's go on a journey into the near past, and more specifically to the beginning of our event.

The PLUS Polish Festival has been our annual tradition since 2009 (with a break in 2020 caused by the COVID pandemic). The event grew larger and larger, which is why in 2012 it was held for the first time at the German Masonic Park in Tappan.

The location of the place and its advantages (a huge parking lot, a playground, lots of greenery, tables and benches, a pavilion) made it appealing not only to us as organizers. Our guests fell in love with the festival venue and felt very comfortable and safe in it from the very first year.

In 2013, the festival grew from a one-day festival to two. It would be extremely difficult to carry such an event without the help of sponsors and volunteers - that's why we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the event.

We would also like to thank those of you who had fun with us in recent years. The PLUS Polish Festival is organized with you in mind - that is why we look forward to your presence and participation in it.

The PLUS Polish Festival is primarily about perfectly organized attractions - concerts of Polish stars as well as local singers and bands; various competitions with attractive prizes, a huge amusement park, numerous vendors offering tasty Polish food and souvenirs, and the possibility of personal meetings with representatives of many Polish companies.

Our stage is the heart of the Festival. While preparing the program of the event, we try to meet your musical tastes. So far, they have sung for you: Bolter, Masters, Druga Maryla, Ivan Komarenko, Michał Milowicz, Modern Talking Reloaded, Dziani. From our local well-known bands you had a chance to hear: Afterlife, Abba Girlz, Maggie D., Adam Chrola, Polonus, Athena Reich as Lady Gaga, Maxx Vega as Michael Jackson, Atlantic Band, Dym, Milano Next, Top Secret, Zbyszek Dera, Children of the People's Republic of Poland, Zuzanna Ducka-Lubas, Secretband, Daniel Band, Kris Kris and many others.

The stars singing for the festival audience are very enthusiastic about the performance in Tappan. Their feelings are visible on the stage, the concerts are full of expression, the musicians interact with the audience, they treat their performance as meeting you - with everyone together and individually.

The dancers also stamp their feet on our stage - so far we have been visited by dance couples from Joseph Dance Studio and Martha Dance Studio, there were also folk groups "Maki", "Vesna", "Wianek", "Wawel" from Chicago, "ZOR", "Podhalanie Koło Sabała". For the first two years, we hosted circus artists who delighted with their tricks, not only children, but also adults.

The cheerful audience, encouraged by the pleasant atmosphere on stage, willingly takes part in the competitions we have prepared. And in this field, we raise the bar every year - in recent years there have been a number of successful competitions, including: Beauty Paegant - Miss of the Festival, Pierogi Eating Contest, Donuts Eating Contest, Strongman Tournament, Pulling Rope Through Pants Contest, Potato Picking Contest, Wife-carrying Competition, Hay-Throwing Competition, karaoke and the popular traditional tug of war. It's important to note that tug of war is New Jersey versus New York! The location of Tappan has the great advantage that our guests from both states have a similar route to cover. That is why in our parking lot we can find the same number of car registrations from NJ as from NY, and there are also PA and CT ones.

The PLUS Polish Festival enjoys the opinion of a family event, each age group can find something interesting and nice for themselves. The youngest love our huge amusement park, adults have a well-stocked bar with cool, good Polish beer.

After a few hours of great fun, many of our guests return home not only in a good mood, but also with prizes and numerous gadgets, which are distributed by our sponsors present at the Festival. Often, when saying goodbye, we hear a nice - "Thank you, see you next year".

This is the best end to many busy weeks. Seeing satisfied guests is a true pride of the host, we thank you for creating the success of the Festival with us and we invite you to Tappan on August 28 and 29!

Katarzyna Ginsburg

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